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Curriculum Planning: A Multilevel, Multisector Process - Essay Example

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These are the state level, individual school, school district, and classroom, and team levels. The planning occurs in both the global and local sectors. There is a hierarchical structure pertaining to the exercise of…
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Curriculum Planning: A Multilevel, Multisector Process
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Extract of sample "Curriculum Planning: A Multilevel, Multisector Process"

Curriculum Planning: A Multilevel, Multi-sector Process Curriculum Planning: A Multilevel, Multi-sector Process Curriculum planning usually occurs at specific levels. These are the state level, individual school, school district, and classroom, and team levels. The planning occurs in both the global and local sectors. There is a hierarchical structure pertaining to the exercise of authority in the process of curriculum planning.
The experts in the process of curriculum planning prefer taking part in the crucial process of planning and development in the four levels of planning. The state usually calls some volunteers to work on the curriculum projects. On other occasions people with sufficient knowledge on school administrations participate in the improvement of the curriculum. This exercise is usually sponsored by the international entities and regional philanthropists.
There are many patterns in which the curriculum tasks are carried out. A teacher may be required to preside over many committees within the school curriculum. External forces are indispensable in the running of the school. This regards the development and planning of the curriculum of the education sector. The use of computers to learn led to the introduction of other courses in the higher education sector.
According to Oliva and William (2010), new courses should relate to information communication technology. The information technology courses led to the increase of online learning in most universities all over the world. Since then, many learning institutions have equipped their libraries with online learning devices such as computers. This is to help students pursuing information technology courses to understand their concept than before.
Learning has given an opportunity for students to access academic information on the internet. This has made it easier for students who are not able to travel longer distances in search of academic sources. The curriculum planning and development is an aspect, which is considered in various perspectives including multilevel view, multi-sector process, and as a multilevel process
Oliva, F. and William R. G. (2010). Curriculum Planning and Development. New York:
Publisher: Prentice Hall Read More
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