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Teachers Roles in Autonomous Learning Shanghais Yan School of foreign languages, Lanzhou University of technology, Lanzhou, China - Essay Example

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According to the provided article by Yan (2012), various misconceptions are associated with autonomous learning while there are various ways in which it can be defined. In addition, there the role of the teacher in the learner’s autonomy has been put into perspective. There…
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Teachers Roles in Autonomous Learning Shanghais Yan School of foreign languages, Lanzhou University of technology, Lanzhou, China
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"Teachers Roles in Autonomous Learning Shanghais Yan School of foreign languages, Lanzhou University of technology, Lanzhou, China"

Download file to see previous pages Learner autonomy is not based on the above misconceptions. Therefore, the actual definition can be captured through the ability of the learner to be responsible as well as independent. The learner is an active participant and is very conscious of what they learn, the way they does learn as well as the time they learn. This form of learning has been degfined by various scholars, including Holec who pointed out that the ability to have control over the learning process by the learner entails autonomy.
Yan (2012) continues to argue about the benefits of learner autonomy. He points out that the learner has the capacity to develop enthusiasm and initiative in what they are learning. In addition, the learner becomes very independent while developing creativity and innovativeness. Since learner autonomy is beneficial, the teacher must play a role its promotion, argues the author. He proposes that being the knowledge giver that dominates the class throughout the class time, the teacher is the most well placed individual to inculcate learner autonomy. He concludes that the teacher is the facilitator, organizer and the manager to the learner. In addition, he is the counsellor to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Teachers Roles in Autonomous Learning Shanghais Yan School of Foreign Essay.
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