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Book Report / Reactionary Paper on the book CRASHING THROUGH - Essay Example

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Science has advanced to the level where blind people are able to restore their vision. However, the fact remains that these visual impairments are fixed with no connection to…
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Book Report / Reactionary Paper on the book CRASHING THROUGH
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Extract of sample "Book Report / Reactionary Paper on the book CRASHING THROUGH"

Download file to see previous pages It shares experiences of a man who lost his sight at the age of three. Though, there are several heroes who have struggled to achieve what they aimed form in their lives, but the story of Michael May’s life is one of the willingness and determination of a blind person who never gave up on his ambitions and emerged to be one of the best skiers and sportsmen (Kurson). The book ‘Crashing Through’ is an autobiography of Michael May presenting account of tevents and toughest times that he experienced.. This reactionary paper reflects lessons learnt from sheer determination and strong personality of Michael May who struggled as a result of his physical impairment, but never let his weakness take over this ability to become one of the prominent skiers and also did well in the corporate world.
After reading through the book, ‘Crashing Through’ it will not wrong to say that the life of Michael May is one of the most inspiring stories and others can surely learn a lot from it to deal with challenges in their lives (Kurson). Michael May was born in 1954 and he lost his vision at the age of three due to a chemical explosion. Loosing eyesight at an early age is one of the most disturbing events that may happen to a person; it can definitely have immense phychosomatic and psychological effects on an individual (Kurson). I can understand how such visual impairment at an early age could alter the process of personality development as it can have profound impact on the mental and psychological positioning of a child (Kurson). This would affect the learning ability of a child and become an independent individual. Similarly, Michael was not able to reach acuity in his early age as he was not able to get fullest exposure and clarity about things around him. This affected his learning experiences that made it difficult for the visual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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