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The role of educators to promote human rights and social justice - Essay Example

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The aim of this paper “The role of educators to promote human rights and social justice” is to examine social justice and education by focusing on the integration of human rights in curricula, policies, and practices of secondary schools. It describes the research topic in secondary schooling…
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The role of educators to promote human rights and social justice
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"The role of educators to promote human rights and social justice"

Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this will mean that the social justice activists will articulate their mission as they mention human rights. This is maintained in pedagogy to create a community of learners that understands and values rights of humans recognizing that every human being has to be dignified. The aim of this dissertation is to examine social justice and education by focusing on the integration of human rights in curricula, policies, and practices of secondary schools. The context describes the focus of the research topic in secondary schooling and the terms used in this study.  The third section looks at three issues relevant to the research topic, namely, the relationship between human rights and education, the stakeholders in human rights education, and the integration of human rights education in secondary schools.The function of education within a social justice framework involves the empowerment of learners to become active change agents in the community. Secondary school education in human rights should focus on developing the learners’ critical thinking skills in relation to their knowledge about human rights. Teaching about human rights entails transmitting information and ideas on human rights and promoting attitudes and values that support such rights. This is associated with the position that teaching for human rights is characterized by examination of fundamental components that consist of human rights including equality, freedom, justice, and life, and the disparaging impact of pain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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