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Scenario Analysis Develop a training or college course - Essay Example

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Therefore, organizations in the world are advised to accept change and work hard towards imparting knowledge to their staff. Media globalization has contributed to a very great extent on the issue of business development…
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Scenario Analysis Develop a training or college course
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Extract of sample "Scenario Analysis Develop a training or college course"

Download file to see previous pages In our discussion, we will critically analyze and present the efficient method that can be used to train a staff of a given business organization.
Trainers should always work towards success and as argued by scholars, success of a teacher is attained through good performance and excellence of the students. Therefore, to achieve your goal, always ensure you reach the all class meeting the students’ expectations. Observation has been made that a good teacher is the one who understands their students hence coming up with conducive and convenient teaching program without ignoring any gender, age and class. The teacher should satisfy the whole class so as to ensure excellent results.
Basing our argument on the case of the group of trainees given in this paper, it is right to understand the theories concerning with adult studies so as to make effective decision on how to tackle the varying group for good understanding. Age theory explains the fact that, individuals at different age are faced with different problems. They are exposed to various individual issues depending on the period of life at hand. People at the adult period of life are observed to be more concerned with their achievements in life and value of their culture.
They appear to be more resistant to change and always fighting towards protection of their good values. Adult group according to age theory is observed to have great feeling of membership to their community (International Conference on Green Communications and Networks, Yang & Ma, 2013). This makes them more resistant to any idea that seems to violate and depleted their traditional practices.
On the other hand, stage theory brings out the different stages that are undergone by an individual as they grow up. These theorists argued that, knowledge is never stagnant it is always in progress. They asserted that as individuals move from one level of life to another their knowledge becomes more and more. Therefore, adults will always want to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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