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She is one and a half years old and with my five minutes, three-day observation of Mercy, I saw that she was simply a normal infant who behaved similar to how other people would behave during her stage of life. She had…
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Download file to see previous pages Also, it seemed that Mercy was not aware of what a majority of the gadgets were for as she, at times, innocently threw her toys against the wall, which is simply a way of seeing what would happen to them. She used to trace objects on the drawing paper and the teacher also encouraged her to come up with complete words using the sticky word papers. She also used to produce rhythms with her plastic guns just by shaking it. It was as if the guitar had some ball bearings in it, which produced the rhythm. She opted to play by herself a majority of times, but this was because the school environment was not similar to the home environment where she feels much safer. What Mercy did could be equated to what many other individuals did when they were once her age. She developed a sense of trust with individuals who were nice to her, including her teacher, as well as her classmates.
The name of the child that I observed is called John. He is 4 years old and with my five minutes, three-day observation of the child, I saw that he was a very bright student who was eager to learn and discover new things. Some of the activities that the child was involved in was playing with Lego, toy cars and other toys such as dolls and action figures, drawings, solving puzzles with his classmates, sleeping, telling stories and singing dance songs together. John was overly involved with what was taking place around the classroom. All his activities were successful tackled. When John played with his toys, he had such a passion that made other students stop and observe him while playing. He tried to imitate actual situations that drivers get themselves into when veering traffic or trying to park at a parking fool of cars, which made his play so interesting. Also, he made sure that he solved a majority of the puzzles and the ones that were hard to him he sought assistance from his classmates and the teacher. John was also willing to work with his classmates to solve puzzles, create nice ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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CCEI1220P1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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