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Quantitative Research - Article Example

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It is well known that English is widely used as the second language and if unaided it cannot sufficiently serve the massive and increasing number of English learners. Therefore, studies done should…
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Quantitative Research Article
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Extract of sample "Quantitative Research"

Download file to see previous pages sures that the researcher is neutral and not biased to the positive or even the negative side but stands neutral in order to solve the problem at hand.
The literature review should be relevant to the problem being looked into and well understood to the researcher. The researcher must be in a position to understand what is really required of him so as to solve the problem at hand. The review might as well as include some other investigations that have been carried out on the problem or a problem related to the one in question. After having understood the problem the researcher should be able to identify the variables that affect or interfere with the research. If the variables have an effect on the outcome, then he or she ought to have to ways to neutralize or reduce the effect of the variables to achieve the desired results. The variables may either be dependent or independent variable, where the independent variable is the effect variable set by the investigator and it may also be considered to as the factor while the dependent variable is the observed or effect variable that is not set by the investigator.
The tentative prediction or explanation of relationship between two or more variables to the problem at hand must also be looked into. It helps the investigator to translate the statement of the problem into a precise and ambiguous prediction of the outcome. Some research ideas may not have a definable hypothesis especially when they are descriptive. Hypothesis statements are most applicable in intervention and evaluation studies where comparisons are done on correlation for relationships. The objective in the research on English language learners is to help them achieve a better academic performance so that they may be in a get together with their peers in terms of class performance. Questions on how to achieve the objective should be formulated and suitable answers to obtained. In the English language learners case the major question should be how to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Quantitative Research Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words - 2.
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