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Philosophy Statement - Essay Example

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Education encompasses several important aspects such as favorable learning environment, encouragement from teachers to motivate the students and an ideal curriculum that would help in the overall educational development of the students. I strongly believe that teachers play a…
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Philosophy Statement
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"Philosophy Statement"

Download file to see previous pages lieve that teachers need to inculcate values such as punctuality and politeness and also instill a sense of responsibility within the students towards their own actions. In turn this will help the students to gain an insight into what is right and wrong and take the right decisions in their academic, personal life and all future endeavors. Thus teachers play a vital role in shaping the personality of their students apart from teaching the subject and hence play a dual role of both an educator as well as a counselor. I will also work to create a good rapport with my students as I believe it will pave the way for better interaction and understanding of the student’s thought process. Mere teaching of the subject would only be a professional approach which will not create a bond between the teacher and the student. Spending quality time with all the students and an unbiased attitude would help the students to share a good comrade with their teachers.
However, it is also important for teachers to bear in mind the limits of their relationship and help the student to understand the same. When such an understanding is established it will prevent each one from taking advantage of the other. This would help to provide the right motivations for the students and prevent any form of deviant behavior. Thus with my educational experiences and a strong inclination in taking up career in teaching I assure that I will be an able teacher and provide the right guidance to all my ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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