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Nursing is vital aspect of healthcare industry that is linked to patient care. They ensure that patients’ healthcare needs are met and. At the same time, with personal care, empathy, sensitivity and optimistic approach, they help patients to cope with their illness and motivate them to become self-sufficient in taking care of their health…
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Personal Philosophy
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Nursing is vital aspect of healthcare industry that is linked to patient care. They ensure that patients’ healthcare needs are met and. At the sametime, with personal care, empathy, sensitivity and optimistic approach, they help patients to cope with their illness and motivate them to become self-sufficient in taking care of their health. Indeed, the core of nursing incorporates dedicated and ethically delivered care to the sick. In the fast changing technology and rapid globalization, the efficient nursing care becomes more challenging. Personal philosophy describes personal values and beliefs that determine one’s attitude and behavior. As such, the personal philosophy of nurses becomes hugely pertinent as it influences the level of care and understanding vis-a-vis patient, disease and environment. Chitty (2007) has defined nursing as health care services that emphasize on helping people to maintain their health, prevent disease and disability, restore wellness, or facilitate a peaceful death. Nursing therefore not only delivers good medical care ethically but also focuses on preventive measures and promotes holistic well-being of individuals and patients. My personal philosophy is distinct in its holistic approach that looks at nursing from wider perspective of delivering care that promotes understanding of human values and environment. In a pluralistic society, understanding of cross cultural values becomes important elements of building relationship with patients. Trust and understanding are critical issues that significantly impact the welfare and recovery of the patients. Apart from honesty, integrity and positive attitude, respect for other people’s culture, ideology and religion are very important for me. These values help me to better understand my patients and their needs and deliver effective care. In a dynamic society and advancing knowledge is critical input that necessitates information and continuous learning as key ingredients for healthcare professionals. I make efforts to learn from the experience of my peer group and seniors. I believe that the welfare of patients is the major aim of nursing and decisions is based on informed choices, empathy and understanding. The knowledge and information becomes critical for medical care whereas understanding, empathy and positive attitude encourage confidence building which motivates patients to get better and self-sufficient. I therefore, continuously strive to learn from my colleague, seniors and people in general. Holistic approach takes into considerations the wider implications of the environment within which people live. Thus, different culture, race, color, social class etc. have emerged as crucial factors that impact the socio-psychological and physical well-being of individuals. I strongly conform to the school of holistic healing where environmental factors become significant issues in the recovery of patients. The spiritual, mental and physical well-being of patients are hugely important factors to recovery and maintenance of health in future. Environmental factors like poverty, racism, biases and social inequality etc. adversely influence the overall well-being of individuals. Moreover, external factors like pollution, smoking, fast food trend etc. contribute to the diseases like cancer, stroke, heart problems, diabetes, obesity etc. Thus, advocacy in nursing is essential element that promotes preventive measures and creates awareness for the need to improve lifestyle. I also believe that nursing represents high standards of legal, moral and ethical consideration within the broader framework of nursing and healthcare deliverables. The empowerment of nurses is therefore, as important as empowerment of the patients so that they can be part of their treatment. Their consent to the treatment becomes intrinsic part of ethically delivered healthcare. They must exhibit leadership initiatives and encourage broader understanding of issues that impact patients’ right and their treatment. Most importantly, they must share information with the patients and encourage their proactive participation so that they become self motivated for their recovery. Nurses should also be focused on specialized clinical area so that they can give their best. I am highly interested in gerontology and would like to adopt creative approach in the welfare of elderlies. Life expectancy has increased and physiological and cognitive changes brought about by age have become major concern. It is accompanied by loss, deterioration and decline of body parts and organs that lead to diseases and general sense of loss. The socio-psychological and physical needs of aging become important issues that must be addressed. Gerontology is the scientific stream that promotes the theory of nature vs. nurture. As a nurse advocate, I would like to be a facilitator in helping people to live independently and manage their age related diseases with high degree of efficiency, skill and knowledge. Thus, personal beliefs, value system and ethics are inherently linked to good nursing care. They are inherent part of human interaction that guides their behavior and serve as foundation for building relationships. One can conclude that personal philosophy of nurses highlights their vision and their level of dedication to the profession. (words: 783) Reference Chitty, K Kittrell & Black, Beth Perry. (2007). Professional Nursing: Concept and Challenges. Edinburgh: Elsevier Inc. Read More
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