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Read the attach and do writing part and i will do a video - Essay Example

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In order to develop a video that covers a specific core curriculum area involving video footage, voiceover narration, graphic effects and copyright citation. Some of the major core curriculum areas include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies or Science.
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Read the attach and do writing part and i will do a video
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Extract of sample "Read the attach and do writing part and i will do a video"

Task: Video Project Project Proposal In order to develop a video that covers a specific core curriculum area involving videofootage, voiceover narration, graphic effects and copyright citation. Some of the major core curriculum areas include English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies or Science.
Script Outline and Narration Script
Since majority of the videos or movies have the same structure, the video will be exceptional by employing the following outline in the script. The script will have opening and closing images. These images will introduce and summarize the core subject to the audience through visual presentation. The second is the use of inciting incident that leads the audience to the midpoint. However, the midpoint must ensure that characters reaffirm their roles in the video. Finalization of the script entails climax and resolutions (Long 202).
Shot list
A shot list refers to a log of shots that are included in the video. Shot lists are vital in giving the video not only efficiency but also direction. Shot lists will be instrumental in considering shooting footage that might fail to conform to the story order. However, shot lists provide a clear guideline or format of a script (Long 203).
Copyright Information
Copyright information restricts any form of unauthorized duplication or use of the video. The copyright law controls the use of videos in the following three ways. First, it is circulation where any individual who lawfully acquires a copy of the video can distribute it by reselling. The second section of the copyright law is clips where the use of the video can only be for criticisms, news reporting or research purposes. However, the use in education must be for non-profit purposes. The last section is in terms of classroom use where the Copyright law does not term screening of the video as a form of infringing or violation of the copyright laws.
Documentation of the Compiled information including script outline, shot lists and copyright information will involve the use of Web 2.0 collaborative tools such as Google Docs (Long 204).
Works Cited
Long, Ben, and Sonja Schenk. The Digital Filmmaking Handbook. Hingham, Mass: Charles River Media, 2006. Print. Read More
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