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Older Adulthood - Essay Example

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However this saying does not seem to fit considering the new information I just came across. With many defects such as decline in mental state, cognitive and physical ability that I have learnt from…
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Extract of sample "Older Adulthood"

Older Adulthood
It is always said that “old is gold”, a fact that I have often agreed with. However this saying does not seem to fit considering the new information I just came across. With many defects such as decline in mental state, cognitive and physical ability that I have learnt from this class, I would say old is hell. However, I believe that I am better equipped at handling older people after learning about this, myself included when I come of age.
I have learnt that longevity and life expectancy is influenced by many factors, among them heredity, environment and social class. This means that some diseases and health defects associated with old age can be prevented or at least reduced if proper care is taken. I will advocate for routine medical checkup for me and my friends so that these many complications are avoided in future. For example, it has come to my attention that avoiding exposure to environmental toxins and other hazards and also getting faster access to healthcare can avoid these complications. For a successful transition into old age, I will from now henceforth advice those with old age to accept the change, be sociable and also employ spiritual faith.
Older adults require religious support and spiritual nourishment to enable them cope as I have just realized. Another way of coping is by keeping old and retired people busy by volunteering. This enable them overcome depression associated with old age, widowhood or caring for a sick partner. Having family members visit the old is refreshing to them (Kail and Cavanaugh 519). Old people are sometimes neglected or abused. This is not good as they require as minimum stress as possible. I have a changed opinion about old age, and will from now on emphasize on love and care for the old people.
From this class, I have learnt of better ways of caring for and helping the older people. I have also gained an insight that can enable me advice old people into successful transition to old age. Plus, it has changed my view on old age. Old is gold.
Work Cited
Kail, Robert V. and John C. Cavanaugh. Human Development: A Life-span View. Cengage Learning, 2012. Web. Read More
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Older Adulthood Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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