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This is a very vital part in the learning journey, Initial assessment do avails information required to decide the learner’s beginning point. Initial assessment can be considered as the benchmark, where the learners’ achievements and progress can…
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Download file to see previous pages ing process takes place in an attempt to modify the teaching and learning events so as to elavate the students attainment(FRANCIS, & GOULD, 2013, 563).
c) Summative assessment. Can also be referred to as summative evaluation, it do refer to assessment of learning that do summarizes developments of a learner specific period of time (FRANCIS, & GOULD, 2013, 563).
a) Initial assessment. Some of the examples of the learners initial assessment are like application of a range of initial assessment methods, enabling the tutor to capture the learner’s beginning point
The language teacher asking the students to select the appropriate thesis statement in a selection, should the student select the appropriate one he or she goes on, and if she answers wrongly then he or she has to review his or her work on the thesis statements (WILSON, 2008, 89).
c) Summative assessment. An example of a summative assessment is where after some period of work, like after around two weeks, learner do sit for the test and his or her teacher marks their test and the rewards various scores. This test is aimed at summarizing the learning to that point (WILSON, 2008, 89).
Individual learning Plan, this is where a student specific program or learning strategy which indiscriminately considers the students weakness and strengths, though distance education has been founded on the premises that every student ought to get the same attention, that is the democratic principal, and then be exposed to a similar curriculum, and get reviewed on a similar pattern that is One Size do Fits All. ILP do assumes that each individual students needs are very different and therefore should be addressed very differently (WILSON, 2009, 87).
Peer assessment feedback, is very easier than one assessing his or her own work, to start with, this is where the learner reads and comments of the work of others, therefore the students should be encouraged to get informal feedbacks from their fellow learners
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PTLLS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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