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Mentorship - Assignment Example

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Mentorship is an important aspect in the development of individual skills and imparting crucial knowledge to facilitate smoother carrying out of duties. Having a focused mentoring relationship between the mentor and the mentored is vital for mutual benefits…
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Extract of sample "Mentorship"

MENTORSHIP Mentorship is an important aspect in the development of individual skills and imparting crucial knowledge to facilitate smoother carryingout of duties. Having a focused mentoring relationship between the mentor and the mentored is vital for mutual benefits (Lipton & Wellman, 2003) .The mentor has a prerogative to identify and seek a good mentor who will assist in nurturing and developing skills relevant to this field of interest. Therefore there is a need for the mentor to have criteria to make this identification possible. The following are four questions that will facilitate achievement of this goal:
1. What type of mentorship do you want?
It is crucial to determine the kind of mentorship one is seeking and the level of professionalism. There are three basic types of mentorship programs:
The consulting form of mentorship is more liberal and uses the approach on a need -to- know basis.
The coaching form is the most visible and professionally recommended whereby a novice follows closely the actions of their mentors by shadowing them
The collaborative mentor entails the mentor helping the mentored come up with a practical and pragmatic solution with professional guidance.
It is therefore crucial for thorough scrutiny to establish the form of assistance and the channel of delivery before picking a mentor.
2. Is the mentor’s personality appealing and compatible to your own?
To develop a good relationship between the mentor and the mentored, qualities such as trust, integrity and honesty are paramount to a good working relationship (Dubrin 2005). Other important qualities include listening skills and empathy which reassure the mentored that his best interests in regard to professional advancement are taken care of.
3. What are the mentor’s communication style and Availability?
According to the book Coaching and Mentoring Skills by Dubrin, communication is a key element in coaching and mentorship and therefore compatibility in terms of communication is crucial. Availability is also vital for some mentors tend to be well accomplished individuals with busy lifestyles.
4. What is the person’s reputation as a mentor?
A mentor with a good success rate with programs that have been tried and tested instills confidence and zeal in the mentored individual (Dubrin, 2005)
1. Dubrin, A.J. (2005). Coaching and mentoring skills. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.
2. Lipton, L., & Wellman, B. (2003). Mentoring matters: A practical guide to learning focused relationships. Sherman, CT: Miravia. Read More
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Mentorship for Effective Staff Development informal and takes a period of time with the mentor offering psychological support in person to the mentored. This essay is an evaluation of how mentoring in the workplace can be used for effective staff development. The significance of mentorship has been discussed. Mentorship for Effective Staff Development In order for mentorship to be effective in staff development, the mentor’s role should be plainly defined at the beginning of the process, in order for each party to understand his/her role. Under such circumstances, mentorship in an organization can be a useful undertaking. However, the mentor should be fully aware of the organizational objectives in order to...
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