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Lead like Jesus - Essay Example

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Jesus leadership style involves the participation of others and being a servant. Leadership is a journey of influence that includes…
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Lead like Jesus
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Extract of sample "Lead like Jesus"

Leadership According to Blanchard and Hodges, leadership is a process that involves shaping others and helping them develop interpersonal and personal skills. Jesus leadership style involves the participation of others and being a servant. Leadership is a journey of influence that includes the development of a diverse range of skills from listening, analyzing and communication. Transformation is an aspect of leadership because it is the development of individual skills by transforming from unskilled to skilled. It involves understanding the nature of the team or member and mentoring them to be able to achieve greatness (Blanchard and Hodges 5). It is a journey of patience, perseverance, and dedication. Leaders must be able to activate change in behavior which was achieved by Jesus in his disciple.
Transformational leadership involves influencing the behavior of others and ensuring that they achieve greatness or objectives they need to achieve. The actions of Jesus reveal servant leadership that involves doing what he wants the follower to undertake (Blanchard and Hodges 6). Change in behavior is an action of motivation and the development of personal drive which influence personality development. The leadership depicted by Jesus covered all aspects of effective leadership including motivation, guidance, and the setting a role model for the mentors to follow and achieve success.
In the talks and teaching of Jesus, the followers learnt of his objective, mission and role in the world and depicting to the learners the main reasons for the change. In spite of the challenges, role model leadership depicted by Jesus surpassed the current leadership strategies because of the involvement in the activities directly (Blanchard and Hodges 6). Therefore, the leadership of Jesus influenced the followers and enabled them to develop and become effective leaders as depicted in the Bible.
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