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Story Lesson - Essay Example

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She begins by linking the previous lesson with the current one where she highlights the important components of the beginning of a story taught in the previous lesson.
In this lesson, the…
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Story Lesson
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"Story Lesson"

Download file to see previous pages This way, the teacher is able to understand the level at which each individual students understand the concepts learnt in class and can thus address these individual problems.
The teacher uses several behavioral modification strategies that ensure that the objectives of the lesson are learnt. One is through giving direct instructions which each student is expected to follow. She also uses direct questioning where she mentions the name of a few students and asks them to give answers to her queries. The teacher also reinforces the students who give the correct answers with praises which motivates them to continue participating in the classroom discussion.
I was impressed by the manner in which the teacher paced down the class getting close to all the student and not being localized at the front. This reminded me of my teaching where I tend to concentrate more on writing on the board other than connecting with the students. I have also noted that some students in the class are encouraged to type the work on the computer. Using the word processer is a good way of enhancing writing skills in student as it identifies some grammatical errors and this speeds up the level at which the learners polish up their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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