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Common Themes and Styles in Kate Chopin's Stories - Essay Example

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The aim of the essay “Common Themes and Styles in Kate Chopin’s Stories” is to seek for common features in the novels “The Story of an Hour,” “The Storm,” and “Desiree’s Baby”. Those are love and marriage, the innate oppression of marriage, freedom and the impermissible joy of independence…
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Common Themes and Styles in Kate Chopins Stories
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Download file to see previous pages The three stories: “The Story of an Hour,” “The Storm,” and “Desiree’s Baby,” are some of her major works in which she explicitly addresses some of the issues she considers crucial in the lives of women. For example, The Storm, whose focus is keeping extramarital affairs a secret, is the sexually explicit story that majors on a woman’s freedom of sexuality outside of the marriage bond. In the Story of an Hour, she paints a picture of the oppressive and retrogressive role of marriage in a woman’s entire life and that a woman only feels a free being at the death of her husband whose death she receives with mixed reactions. According to this story, she feels that only after a woman’s husband is dead is when she is able to live her own life in freedom and is able to start living a fresh. This paper aims to discuss overtly some of the themes and stylistic devices cutting across these three literary works as highlighted below.
Chopin presents an idea that all marriages irrespective of how good they are repressive especially on women. This she pictures in the Story of an Hour where Louise, a married woman whose husband loves so much, is kind and nice to her, (a fact that she too admits), feels joy when she receives the news of her husband’s death (1996, p. 275). Though she feels some pain as any other woman who loses her husband would feel, she has joy and a feeling of freedom, an idea that portrays marriage as a form of imprisonment for her as a woman. Deep within her, she receives the news of her husband’s death with a sigh of relief, as though she had attained independence and had a chance to live her own life once again. After weeping, she runs to her room and locks herself up and in the midst of her thoughts and with joy, she suddenly manages to utter a word, “free, free, free!” (2007, p. 276). However, she knew she would weep again upon seeing her husband’s body but she saw beyond this short period of sadness a long procession of happiness that was coming her way and of course, she was ready to embrace it. Nevertheless, despite the love that they both have for each other, she views her husband’s death as a deliverance from oppression. At no instance does Louise mention a particular way her husband oppressed her, but instead she states that marriage oppresses both men and women equally. Therefore, this means she too oppressed her husband in one way or another. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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