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This essay presents the story about the meeting between a student and a professor reflecting the impression of the student regarding this meeting. The paper tells what impression the professor made on the student and how the professor was able to help him…
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"A Meeting With My Professor"

College A meeting with my After very many days of actually having to wait to meet my I finally got that golden chance to meet him at his office at around 2:30pm on 29th March, 2013. It was a great pleasure having discussed with him how I can actually better my grades by applying the right test taking strategy. I really loved how much he was so interested in helping me get the best out my grades by the manner in which he explored every single method that could eventually help me see myself in the among the best performers in that class. Though at some point he told me that I had disappointed him with the fact that I was not putting the best as far as hard work is concerned he was impressed that I had taken the bold step of making my academics better.
On leaving the meeting I was well assured that I had gotten that very help that I was looking for since he did not only give me the three possible strategy that I can use to pass my exams but he also boosted my academic confidence by telling me how much he believes in me. Of the 3 three methods he talked about he particularly stressed on engaging my tutor more often than I had been doing so that they can help me in my areas of weakness before I sit for my exams.
I was particularly impressed by how my professor believed in me telling me how much potential I had, something that even my parents never tell me. His gave me that confidence that I needed so much thus he made me know that there are people who believe in me and that just gave me all the reasons not to disappoint him whatsoever. I am thus going to start doing the things he told me to do so that I can make him proud.
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A Meeting With My Professor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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