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Mentoring - Assignment Example

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The paper "Mentoring" describes that one of the most important ways to integrate with one’s audience or with other shareholders is seeking to hone the skills of intimacy with those that one integrates with. However, as with many skills, the ability to increase one’s ability within this area requires practice and dedication in order to effect. …
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Extract of sample "Mentoring"

Mentoring One of the most important ways to integrate with one’s audience or with other shareholders is seeking to hone the skills of intimacy with those that one integrates with. However, as with many skills, the ability to increase one’s ability within this area requires practice and dedication in order to effect. However, one can easily estimate the one of the prime determinants towards affecting a positive effect on intimacy with respect to one’s audience is seeking to integrate an understanding and level of empathy with the particular approach. As such, the best way to coach an increase in this ability would be to seek to increase an increase in the relationship development that the speaker and/or teacher has with regards to the students (Yildiz, 2013).
Although one might argue that “intimacy” in speaking is not something that can be learned to such a great degree and is either something that is innately gifted, learning how to speak with a level of ease and comfort can be learned as one develops more appropriate and effective relational skills with regards to how they can appreciate and interact with their audience. Without such a level of appreciation, coaching on such a topic would be utterly fruitless. However, due to the fact that the teacher must first realize that they stand to improve within the given area prior to any changes or remedial help being given or integrated, it is incumbent upon the reader to realize that cooperation from all members within the process is required in order to effect a positive change.
YILDIZ, K. (2013). Analysis of the Relation of Teachers Organizational Identification and Organizational Communication. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, 13(1), 264-272. Read More
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Mentoring Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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