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A social problem that exist within the context of the family and or marriage, that is of concern to you - Research Paper Example

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Cohabitation Name of the Student Sociology Name of the Teacher October 24, 2013 Abstract It is an undeniable fact that marriage as an social institution has been open to immense changes in the last few years and several alternative social arrangements like cohabitation had been somewhat replacing the institution of marriage in the contemporary society…
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A social problem that exist within the context of the family and or marriage, that is of concern to you
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Download file to see previous pages The stress imminent on the young marriageable people in the current times and the high divorce rates tend to be some salient reasons for this disappointment with the institution of marriage. The increasing secularization of the contemporary society and the altering social status of women are also making cohabitation an acceptable norm. However, cohabitation is an arrangement that is accompanied by some undesirable social and legal consequences. Key Words: Marriage, Divorce, Cohabitation, Secular, Gender Cohabitation There is no denying the fact that marriage, an institution that was so central to the human social organization is fast changing to give way to varied other social arrangements and norms. When an institution so pivotal to the human social experience and organization begins to fade away, at least in a relative context, it is bound to culminate into a range of varied other social possibilities and arrangements, which not being central to the human society in a historical context are bound to impinge on the society in one way or other. Indeed, cohabitation happens to be one such social arrangement. Cohabitation tends to be such social arrangement in which two people who are not married to each other happen to enter into an intimate relationship, which involves living together under one roof, engaging in emotional and sexual intimacy on a long term or permanent basis (Thornton, Axinn and Xie 2007). It is a fact that in the current context almost sixty percent of the marriages are preceded by cohabitation, while ironically speaking not even half of the cohabitation arrangements end up in marriage (Thornton, Axinn and Xie 2007). People tend to enter into cohabitation arrangements, motivated by a variety of reasons. For some cohabitation is a way of soliciting intimacy and sex, without being burdened by the responsibility and formality accompanying a marriage (Thornton, Axinn and Xie 2007). There are also people who happen to live in a cohabitation arrangement with their boyfriends or girlfriends guided by the belief that living together under one roof before marriage will allow them to better understand their future life partner and thereby it will curtail their chances of divorce (Thornton, Axinn and Xie 2007). There are couples who believe that they have achieved a level of intimacy and understanding that is not dependent on the institution of marriage and thereby chose to live in cohabitation (Thornton, Axinn and Xie 2007). However, the thing that needs to be noted is that the concept of cohabitation does deserve a serious academic and sociological attention as it has multidimensional ramifications touching varied facets of the contemporary society are they familial, social or legal. It is a fact that the dilution of the institution of marriage and the rise in the rates of cohabitation had been a major change marking the last century. Over the past couple of decades the number of couples entering into marriage has drastically reduced while there had been a considerable rise in the number of people entering into cohabitation relationships (Thornton, Axinn and Xie 2007). In the first half of the last century people still desisted from cohabiting as there was an immense social stigma attached to cohabitation. However, in the last two decades, the social stigma associated with cohabitation has diluted to a great extent and thereby more and more people are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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