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A Short Analysis Of Articles About Teachers - Essay Example

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This essay "A Short Analysis Of Articles About Teachers" analyze about technology-focused early field experiences of pre-service teachers. The author emphasized upon how the perception of pre-service teachers changed about technology-based education…
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A Short Analysis Of Articles About Teachers
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"A Short Analysis Of Articles About Teachers"

Download file to see previous pages The article highlights the importance of technology in bringing out the leadership role of teachers. The authors have used data based on the survey of well-known schools, to know how teachers and leaders collaborate to bring up the best leadership using technology. As an educational leader, I can use this knowledge to encourage my staff to learn competencies to become teacher-leaders, who can use technology to enhance learning in their classroom settings. It is very important if we want our teachers to be able to spread learning through the most modern and sophisticated way. Gunn, T.M., & Hollingsworth, M. (2013). The implementation and assessment of a shared 21st century learning vision: A district-based approach. Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 45(3), 201-228. The study is based on changes that a school district went through when it conducted a professional development study focusing technological advancements in the area of learning. Teachers participated in the professional development study, and the number of hours that they had undertaken in the study showed how willing they were in embracing teaching by technology. As an educational leader, I will use this information to start many such seminars and programs that aim at spreading awareness about teaching by technology. I would like to inform schools and teachers that teaching through technology is the greatest demand of the time. I would make my staff participate in authentic professional development courses and programs, o that they learn how to incorporate information and communication technology in their teaching process. This study was conducted in 17 final year secondary school classes for Applied Information Technology course in Australia. The schools initially used assessment through traditional pen and paper system. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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