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Survey - Research Proposal Example

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The filler is kindly requested to tick their chosen answer in the close ended questions and answer in short clear statements in the open ended questions. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
This survey was…
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Extract of sample "Survey"

Survey: The Effects of the Use of Interactive Whiteboards on Performance Survey: The Effects of the Use of Interactive Whiteboards on Student Performance
This survey consists of both closed and open ended questions. The filler is kindly requested to tick their chosen answer in the close ended questions and answer in short clear statements in the open ended questions. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.
Question 1
Do you use interactive whiteboards in the classes that you attend?
a. Yes
b. No
Question 2
If yes, how often do use Interactive Whiteboards in your classes?
a. Very often
b. Occasionally
c. Rarely
d. N/A
Question 3
Who is mainly in control of the Interactive Whiteboard during class sessions?
a. The Professor
b. The Students
c. The Professor and the Student on an equal basis
Question 4
Does the use of the Interactive Whiteboard enhance your grasp of the topic being discussed?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Sometimes
Question 5
If so, in what ways does it enhance your understanding? (Please answer in a few short sentences).
Question 6
Would you like the Interactive Whiteboard to continue to be part of the education assistant tools in your classes?
a. Yes
b. No
Question 7
Please give a reason for your answer to Question 6 in a few short sentences.
Question 8
Do you think the Interactive Whiteboard has helped improve your performance as a student?
a. Yes
b. No
Question 9
Please give a reason for your answer to Question 8 in a few short sentences.
Question 10
In your opinion, has the use of the Interactive Whiteboard improved the quality of education that you are receiving?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Yes it has in a few classes, but not all of them
Question 11
Who uses the Interactive Whiteboard more in your class?
a. The Professor
b. The Students
Question 12
Would you still be able to attain the same level of knowledge and understanding without the use of the Interactive Whiteboard in your class?
a. Yes
b. No
c. Yes, in some classes
Question 13
In what year are you in your college education?
Question 14
How long have you used the Interactive Whiteboard during the period of your education?
a. Since the beginning of my education
b. Midway through my education
c. Towards the end of my education
Question 15
In what categories do your studies fall under?
a. Arts
b. Sciences
c. Education
Hypothesis: The use of Interactive Whiteboards improve on Student Performance
Cover Sheet
This survey was conducted to determine the hypothesis that Interactive whiteboards have a positive effect on the performance of a student when used in class. The variables given in the survey are to determine the relations between the frequency of the use of Interactive Whiteboards and their impact on a student’s performance (Beauchamp & Parkinson, 2005). This is to say that whether the increased use of the Interactive Whiteboards results in an improved performance. The variables are also put in place to determine the level where the Interactive White board is most effective on a student’s education and whether the nature of their studies affected their need for the use of the boards (Beauchamp & Parkinson, 2005).
The target population is college students involved in different areas of study and in different levels of education. This study is needed in order to determine the effect that Interactive Whiteboards have on studies and whether they are a necessary part of the education system.
Beauchamp, G & Parkinson, J. (2005). Beyond the wow factor: developing interactivity
with the interactive whiteboard. School Science Review (86) 316. Read More
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