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In the week six lesson plan that addresses social roles (occupations), the instructor will describe in explicit terms occupations…
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Discussion week 9-2
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"Discussion week 9-2"

Download file to see previous pages In view of the assignment given prior to the lesson (essay outlining the role of different people in society), the instructor will then evaluate the students understanding before the lesson and after the discussion (mentioned below). On the other hand, informal presentation will come in handy while carrying out some activities during this same lesson. I mentioned in the lesson plan that the lesson is predominantly a discussion; therefore, judicious review is a major strategy. This aspect ensures that information delivery is clear and concise while providing for students’ active involvement in information gathering and rehearsal. The power point presentation as a visual aid will further accentuate this method. Structured discovery will also work well in this same lesson. This is because the lesson is safe in view of environment and potential discoveries and failure is not imminent. The instructor first outlines a few of the objectives (occupations in society); the students are already consciously aware that people need to make a living by having an occupation. After this, it is up to the student to create a connection to other objectives, for instance, differences in occupations, benefits of different types of occupations and gender disparity in different types of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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