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Components of a Research Proposal - Assignment Example

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The paper will explore significance of the components as well as some notable distinctions that usually exists in certain components of a research proposal and a dissertation.
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Components of a Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Components of a Research Proposal"

Components of a Research Proposal s Introduction This present paper focuses on different components of a research proposal and a dissertation. The paper will explore significance of the components as well as some notable distinctions that usually exists in certain components of a research proposal and a dissertation.
Significance of a formal layout for research papers
First, it is of essence to acknowledge that research in itself is a process that goes through numerous stages and therefore, to record about the different stages of a research it is significant to have a formal layout for research papers.
Secondly, according to Baron (2008), it is significant to have a formal layout for research papers in order to ensure standardization or uniformity in writing research proposals and dissertations, which is universal and all students and / or researchers use it.
Significance of stating the research problem
According to Baron (2008), it is significant to state the research problem because it gives the entire research process a basis or a foundation and reason for conducting the research. This justifies why it is important to conduct the research and the solutions that the researcher is looking for.
Purpose of the literature review
Baron (2008) stated that the main purpose of the literature review is to offer information pertaining to the research, which is available from the secondary sources. The literature review offers a theoretical aspect of the research study.
Data collection versus data analysis
In the writings by Baron (2008), data collection is described as the process of gathering or collecting information either from primary or secondary sources. On the other hand data analysis is described as the process of evaluating or assessing both the primary and secondary information that has been gathered or collected by the researcher.
Baron, M. (2008). Guidelines for Writing Research Proposals and Dissertations. Dakota, U.S: University of Dakota Press Read More
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