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Multi Sector Collaborative Project - Research Proposal Example

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This project proposal is aimed to give an introduction into the areas that are to be covered in the project. The project that has to be done is based on Methamphetamines in Spokane. The project is aimed to find out the effects of this particular drug in the population of Spokane…
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Multi Sector Collaborative Project
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Extract of sample "Multi Sector Collaborative Project"

Download file to see previous pages This portion of the project introduces the topic. The topic a very brief explanation regarding it should be given in this portion. The topic chosen for study is "to study the effects of the usage of Methamphetamines in Spokane." Excessive usage of Meth by the people is one of the major issues that Spokane has been facing in the recent years. Therefore, it is necessary to study the effects that are created by this drug on the social setup of Spokane and the methods to curb the further spreading of this deadly habit among the people.
This portion is the introduction of the project. The project and its purpose are to be explained in detail in this portion. An introduction regarding what Methamphetamine is and what influence it had on Spokane is to be enumerated in this portion.
Meth is a drug that speeds up the activities of the brain. This drug is normally in the form of powder. It is also available in pills and crystal forms. This drug is mostly used by the youth. This drug affects the central nervous system very badly. Excessive usage of this drug is harmful for human being as it causes many diseases including diseases that are related to the cardiac system. It will also result in higher body temperature. People use this drug through many ways. Smoking, swallowing, inhaling and injecting are some of the methods through which people take in this drug. This drug is used by some others to reduce weight or to boost up their performance. That is usage of this drug will accelerate the working of heart and brain. As a result of which blood flow increases in the body. It is found that excessive usage of this drug has even resulted in death.
A hypothesis is any argument made by the researcher that he intends to prove by the results of his study. The hypothesis of this project can be any statement that shows that usage of Meth is harmful. The hypothesis here is "excessive usage of Meth will harm the social setup of Spokane and will also harm the future generations of the society"
Objectives of the study
This is one of the important components of any project. The objective of the study is the intention of the researcher behind doing a project. The research or project should be carried on by adopting the objectives as the base. The objectives of this project are as follows:
To study the impact of excessive usage of meth on the social setup of Spokane.
To analyze the impact of court order on the mindset of Meth addicts.
Main body
Main body of the work is where all the information regarding then topic and all the literature required for conducting the study is listed. In this portion the researcher should gather detailed information regarding the components of the topic of study. The main objective of this project is to analyze the impact of the usage of Meth. The project is being studied on the basis of prevention program that is conducted for many meth addicts of the region. The people who are considered here for prevention program are persons who are charged with drug related offences. The results of the project are based on the prevention program and the additional information gathered from various secondary sources.
Spokane is a city located near to Washington. This city is located along the Spokane River. This city is also called Lilac City. Spokane is the second largest populated city in Washington. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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