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Educational assessment refers to a process by which students’ responses to natural or specially created stimuli are used, by their educators, to make inferences about their skills, knowledge of affective status. This process also known as educational tests or educational…
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Educational leaders are educators whose responsibility is to make decisions influencing other educators’ activities, consequently having an influence on the students under their authority. From this point, most of the school-site and district-level administrators occupy educational leadership positions. However, teachers with activities impacting other educators should be thought of as educational leaders.
The educational leaders need to know various tests needed, and the appropriate contexts in which their results serve as better indicators because the results are increasingly being used as yards of effectiveness measurement. However the test scores do not reflect the quality of the educators’ instructions. Also, they need to know the tests’ instructional applications. On the other hand, they need to know not the concepts having indirect bearing on the leader’s daily activities.
The Army Alpha of World War I used aptitude tests to rank military recruits according to intellectual abilities. Since then it became the model for assessing both the intelligence and achievement of students in the United ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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