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Education unit - Essay Example

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All over the world individuals invest in education for its long lasting benefits. Education is a continuous process that can go beyond the institutions of learning. The only requirements are there is a learner and a teacher or…
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Education unit
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"Education unit"

Download file to see previous pages Education has a long history. The early centres of civilization embraced education way back beyond the 14th century. Education is an English word that emanates from the Greek word e-ducere that has a meaning of “to lead out” (Yero 1). Early scholars had diverse opinions of what education entails hence coming up with different lines of thought. Socrates contributes to this debate mentioning that the sole purpose of education was to draw what was the student knew. This has a basis given that most teachers focus on trying to retrieve what their learners have acquired through examinations and regular assessments.
Education is a posterity process that only ends at death. Learners are expected to grow from one degree on knowledge to another. Despite the educational systems providing this platform, the world also has a way of inculcating certain knowledge into individuals. This can happen through friends, colleagues in workplaces, family members among others. All these aspects prepare individuals to be responsible people in the society as well as enriching them with the necessary skills required for socio-economic growth. In the informal type of education, the learner can be the teacher and vice versa since there are no set rules of who should learn from whom. However, older members of the society have played a key role in imparting knowledge to the younger generation through counselling and mentorship.
For effective learning, the teacher should be at a position of guiding the learner efficiently. Firstly, the teacher should be proficient in disseminating the required information to the learners. The information should be relevant and articulated in a manner that raises the learner’s curiosity. Secondly, socialization among the learners and teachers enhances learning. It is also worth noting that a good teacher keeps on evaluating their teaching strategies as well as assessing the learners to ensure they grasp the knowledge delivered to them. Among other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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