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I did. Attachment for all my decument. I want you to do just part (7) - Essay Example

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I chose this specific article entitled “Building a Positive Workplace Culture” among all the other articles that talk about how to promote a positive workplace culture simply because of the fact that it centers on the premise that “attitude works”, which means that the…
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I did. Attachment for all my decument. I want you to do just part (7)
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"I did. Attachment for all my decument. I want you to do just part (7)"

Download file to see previous pages After one has been able to achieve the right attitude towards work, peers, promotion, dealing with conflict and etc, quality work, motivation, & increased productivity will follow (Building a Positive Workplace Culture, n.d.).
Also some of the principal standards implicated in the reading would be to be able to provide fair and equal treatment to everyone, providing reward system, welcoming opinions of others, providing feedback on each activity done, open communication, clear goal setting, and training (Building a Positive Workplace Culture, n.d.). If all these are achieved, staffing patterns would be effective, school organizations would not be about titles and seniority but functions and passion, & discipline practices would center on full accountability where one is given his or her due and would take full responsibility of one’s actions.
I would be able to apply what I have learned from this reading in my role as an administrator by working on having the right mindset towards the factors that are involved in my profession. I believe once I am able to have the right mindset, it will reflect on my actions and how I react to different situations in the most beneficial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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