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I did attachment. For all my decument. I want you to do for me just part (3) And (4) - Essay Example

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This is because of the fact that when people avoid problems, they tend to go for the easy decisions which do not necessarily mean doing what is right;…
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I did attachment. For all my decument. I want you to do for me just part (3) And (4)
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Extract of sample "I did attachment. For all my decument. I want you to do for me just part (3) And (4)"

Conflict Management Part 3. One of the biggest ramifications of running from a conflict would be not being able to solve the problem in any possibleway. This is because of the fact that when people avoid problems, they tend to go for the easy decisions which do not necessarily mean doing what is right; totally avoiding people which causes both parties involved to miss the opportunity to learn something from it; and lastly, running away hinders people to reestablish their relationship (Conflict Resolution, n.d.).
I can attest to these above as one of the most common conflict situations I have been able to witness in school would be caused by the difference of interests and opinions. A precise example of which would be a scenario where we needed to work as a group and deliver a study related on the biggest effect of early childhood education. Clearly, there are a lot of benefits of which, two of both that immediately came to mind would be economic and social. Two people from the group strongly believed in each and they argued about which had more impact on society. In the situation, no one seems to give way for the other to lay down their points and instantly rested on a conclusion to prove their points. This fighting resulted to a delayed work done, decreased the chances of learning from the two options, and marred a peer to peer relationship.
For me, the most important part of the process of resolving a conflict would not be the solution one reaches, instead, would be the process of opening one’s mind to new learning that is different from what one initially had in mind. An example of which would be when we had to promote and ignite people to contribute to a charity event in a sustainable manner which our school was partnering with. Some people believed that the message to be reflected on communication materials would be that “these unfortunate people need their help”. On the other hand, some came up with an interesting slant by reversing the message which is “every person’s need to do something meaningful and fulfilling”. This conflict was solved by merging the two equally important messages.
Part 4. I have interviewed teachers and at the same time administrators of the school. Some of the conflicts that we’ve all experienced in the workplace would be the amount each person thinks he or she is doing as compared to others, getting appreciation, communicating action plans for certain goals, willingness to consider non-traditional way of doing things, and providing constructive criticisms. People reacted to these conflicts, chronologically by bad-mouthing co-workers, being not cooperative when he/she is not appreciated, lack of motivation, indifference, and closing one’s mind to other’s opinions.
Based on the five responses mentioned above, at a chronological order as well, the consequences of which would be people not talking to each other anymore which is hindering jobs to be done, having a hard time to get people to contribute their knowledge, people merely doing their job because they have to and not want to, mediocrity, and lastly, constant arguing. On the other hand, some fix solutions to these mentioned would be to set aside one’s pride and talk problems out, establishing an environment where everyone’s opinion is valued, re-evaluate rewards systems, putting premium on the impact of one’s job not only in people who are directly affected but also the society as a whole, and to practice listening before talking.
"Conflict Resolution - Resolving conflict rationally and effectively - Leadership training from" Mind Tools - Management Training, Leadership Training and Career Training. N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Feb. 2013. . Read More
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I Did Attachment. For All My Decument. I Want You to Do for Me Just Essay - 2.
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