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Diversity in a state arises from the various cities that differ geographically from each other. For example, a state like Texas has various cities such…
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Week 5 discussion 2
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Week 5: Discussion In my opinion, embracing diversity in the education system results in positive outcomes for both educators and their students. Diversity in a state arises from the various cities that differ geographically from each other. For example, a state like Texas has various cities such as Dallas and Austin; whereby, socialization of residents into different cultural expectations occurs influencing their attitudes, perceptions and behaviors. In light of this, it is crucial for state policy makers to ensure that education policies implemented account for the needs of the diverse population from different cities (Diarra, 2005).
Policies standardizing assessment procedures, teaching strategies and methods also allow policy makers to monitor and regulate education across the different schools spread out across the state. As a result, students transferring from one school to another across cities undergo a smooth transition because of the similarity in curriculum. Furthermore, within the classroom setting, teachers must ensure their teaching strategies and methods address the needs of their diverse student population. This helps to prevent instances where some students feel left out resulting in decreased motivation levels for academic achievement. Educators rely on lesson plans to formulate teaching objectives that embrace the different learning needs of all students (Diarra, 2005).
In conclusion, the entire state stands to benefit from efforts made in the education sector geared towards embracing diversity created by the diverse population residing in the different cities within the state. States with policies equipped to deal with internal diversity have an easier time dealing with external diversity resulting from globalization (Diarra, 2005).

Diarra, M. (2005, March 17). Reaching Across Borders to Improve Teaching. Retrieved February 9, 2013, from Reaching Across Borders to Improve Teaching: Read More
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