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Student with pervasive developmental disorders - Essay Example

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Pervasive Developmental Disorders (PDD) is a medical condition characterized by different impairment degrees in social interactions and communication skills, and stereotyped, restricted and repetitive behavior patterns (Taylor, 2009). The most common PDD are Childhood…
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Extract of sample "Student with pervasive developmental disorders"

Download file to see previous pages st of them are not able to combine words into meaning by this age, while others are able either to repeat same words or phrases over and over or speak single words only. Various studies have indicated that PDD can considerably affect the progress of children in their academic, social, and personal development particularly within a standard environment where other normal students are growing and developing in (Syriopoulou- Deli, 2011). In order to have a better understanding of PDD and its impact on children, this paper will discuss the condition in respect to students suffering from the disorder.
It is important to begin by noting that PDD is not a single disorder but rather it’s a category that comprises a range of delays in children of varying magnitude in various domains. The most severe of PDD is autism which indicates a primary or chief disturbance in the ability of a child to relate to others. Cognitive and language delays are the other primary characteristics of autism (Delfos, 2005). Students suffering from PDD may not be able to achieve academic and co-curricular success that students with normal abilities can achieve. For any student to be successful he or she needs normal abilities and cognitive skills. Nonetheless, if corrective measures are taken in time, students suffering from PDD may be able to achieve success in classroom and outside classroom. In particular, cognitive skills training can help a student with PDD to develop the necessary skills and abilities to succeed in classroom. Numerous studies have indicated that cognitive skills training in a great way deliver essential skills and abilities to students with PDD (Holzhauser-Peters and True, 2008).
There are symptoms associated with pervasive developmental disorder and parents and teachers should take immediate action once they notice them in a child. The first one is a child having difficulty in understanding and using language. Secondly, a child suffering from this disorder may display ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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