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Courses - Assignment Example

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The courses are offered under different modes including online programmes designed to meet the increasing demand for open and…
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Extract of sample "Courses"

The of Miami (School Of Nursing) Nurse Educator’s is offered at different levels ranging from certificate to masters in The University of Miami in the school of Nursing. The courses are offered under different modes including online programmes designed to meet the increasing demand for open and distance learning. This programme provides baccalaureate registered nurses with extensive skills that grant practicing nurses to become excellent clinical education officers. By preparing such experienced and result oriented clinical officers, The Miami University provides nurses with rare and great career advancement opportunities.
Course Description
Course title: Masters of Science Nursing
This masters programme is designed to mold the nurse educators to suit the healthcare facilities setting. This course produces registered nurses with a wide range of fields of specialty that arms them with skills and knowledge to help them discharge their training duties effectively. Some of the health facilities that these specialized nurses can work include hospitals, dispensaries and medical training institutions.
Admission Requirements
One must be in a possession of Baccalaureate degree preferably BSN
The applicant must produce original undergraduate and graduate transcripts unless he/she pursued the aforementioned in Miami
Current Curriculum Vitae
Statement of Career aims
Registered Nurse License (Current)
Letters of references (3) of which one must be from an academic source
Basic Introductory Statistics Knowledge (Prerequisite)
Test of English as a foreign language for non-English native speakers.
Modes of Learning
Part- time classes are offered two evenings every week. This is only possible in consideration to the cohort and strictly for 30-credit School programme. One must successfully pass the preceding semester before proceeding to the next one.
For more details follow the link below.
Petersons (Firm : 2006- ), & American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2010). Petersons nursing programs 2011. Lawrenceville, NJ: Petersons. Read More
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Courses Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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