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Ptlls course - Assignment Example

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In the teaching and learning context, teaching roles essentially differ from other professional roles (Gould & Francis, 2009, p.81). This difference is…
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Ptlls course
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"Ptlls course"

Download file to see previous pages Other professional roles call for high standard relations and communication between professionals.
Teaching and other professional roles are interlinked in one way or another. In the teaching and learning context, primary responsibilities work to the best interest of student welfare (Gould & Francis, 2009, p.93). However, these responsibilities have to reflect a relation to other professionals. In this respect, key responsibilities include: maintaining an up-to-date aspect at a personal level as well as towards other professionals, fostering professional relations with other professionals, observing high work standards, ensuring compliance with the set rules and regulations, and observing the provisions of the applicable code of conduct/practice at a personal level as well in relation to other professionals. In so doing, coherence within and across professions and professionals is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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