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Classroom Communities and My Own Experience - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Classroom Communities and My Own Experience” the author talks about the dreamkeepers who were successful teachers she still admires. The most memorable thing about them was that they tried to develop a community of students…
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Classroom Communities and My Own Experience
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"Classroom Communities and My Own Experience"

Download file to see previous pages For some teachers it was a class camping trip and for another calling her students family members. By doing so all the students were seen in the same manner and not judged based on their race, culture or religion. The hard truth is that African Americans have been thought of as the most difficult to teach and control. They lag behind their white class fellows raising the need of separate schools for the black community. Why is it that even after fighting for equality and civil rights a need for separate educational institutions has risen? According to the latest statistics African American students are less academically successful compared to their white counterparts based on every standard of accomplishment (Ladson Billings 2009). Their school dropout rate is much higher and so is their suspension percentage. These realities have formed a certain expectation from this group of students in the minds of teachers. They automatically assume or have this in their subconscious that if a student is Africa American he will not be as good a student as a ‘white’ American. The teacher has socially categorized students in her brain which should not be the case. As told in the story by Meier in ‘The First Day’ is that the two teachers wanted to set a positive tone on the very first day and they saw the students as one community rather than setting up opinions based on their color or race. They ran the class in such a way that would make the students think that they are all in the same boat. In the article ‘Toward a Pedagogy of the Oppressor’ by Michael S. Kimmel being white, male and heterosexual is compared to walking ‘with the wind’ whereas walking against the wind is the same as being black, gay or female. It is only when you walk against the wind when you feel its strength and force. The article also talks about the privileges of the being the majority and how these are invisible. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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