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Idea - Book Report/Review Example

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The 1975 PL 94-142, Education for All Handicapped Children Act, currently referred to as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, (IDEA) comprises of six main components (Jones, Apling & Smole, 2004). The components are history, purpose, components, helpful information…
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Download file to see previous pages The major changes happened in the years 1986, 2004, and 2006. Some of the changes involved the inclusion of infants and toddlers, the abolition of the discrepancy model, and reauthorization. The improvements were meant to increase the level of effectiveness of the law.
The purpose component of the law spells out the specific objectives for which the law was created to serve. The objectives include free appropriate public education for children with disabilities, protection of the rights of children and their parents, and the facilitation of agencies and institutions in order to enhance their support for the children (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2010). Other objectives include assisting states in developing interagency systems, enhancing the facilitation of resources and logistics, and assessing the level of effectiveness (Gargiulo, 2006).
The component part comprises of parts A to D, with part A dealing with definitions in the context of the law. Part B deals with the provision of money to states for carrying out the specifics of the law. Part C deals with the various services that handles the welfare of infants and toddlers with disabilities. Part D empowers the states and institutions handling children with disabilities through a range of strategies.
The component about helpful information about aspects of the law breaks down the law into the specific parts including roles and procedures. Details include assessment, due process, funding and other aspects of the process. The law component gives details of the IDEA 2004 (Public Law 108-446) including its passage, implementations, and regulations (Gargiulo, 2006). The part on more information issues guidance to documents and websites that have pertinent information on the law.
This law expanded to cover young children and infants with cases of disabilities within the six central provisions that covered older children (Jones, Apling & Smole, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...h in a procedure and process that is fair and non-discriminatory. The component demands that that all cases of disability within the state must be placed under the program so than no children is left out for technical or any other reasons. The component also spells out the processes of individualized education program in line with needs of the children (Salvia, Ysseldyke, & Bolt, 2010). Applications is the third component of the program. This section deals with matters of money and resources for the IDEA program. Policy frameworks, the provision of free educational support, and materials are some of the issues that are spelt out in the program (Jones, Apling & Smole, 2004). Procedures and safeguards component of the program provides...
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