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Student Affair- Topic: Incivility in college student - Research Paper Example

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According to Swinney (2010), the problem is long-standing, and has been identified as a major social problem. The problem of incivility is a major one in the classrooms. Incivility is defined, loosely, as any behavior that effects…
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Student Affair- Topic: Incivility in college student
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, incivility also is detrimental to professors and other instructors – some instructors and professors indicate that incivility has caused them to reconsider their profession; others are merely disheartened and discouraged (Bjorklund & Rehling, 2011). Therefore, there must be a best practices standard that should be put into place that would help alleviate this problem. This essay will focus upon classroom incivility- the causes, the definition, and possible solutions.
Boysen (2012) defines incivility as “any action that interferes with a harmonious and cooperative learning environment” (p. 276). The most common types of incivility are discourteousness and disruptive behavior. Among these behaviors are emotional outbursts, being late, talking to other students while the teacher is trying to lecture, and engaging in activities which are non-academic. These are behaviors which are frequent enough to disrupt the teaching and the learning. However, as Cortina et al. (2011) note, uncivil behavior is merely rude – there is not generally an intention to harm, although there are clearly exceptions, as outlined below. Bjorkland & Rehling (2010) indicate that incivility may be in the eye of the beholder. This means that some behaviors are problematic for some teachers, and not for others. Some behaviors are problematic for some students, and not to others. Teachers may see a sleeping student as being uncivil, but students may not see the same. One teacher might not think twice about a student quietly eating lunch or drinking coffee in a classroom, and another teacher may see this as being extremely rude.
Knepp (2012) groups incivil behavior into two major categories – “less serious” and “more serious.” Some of the less serious behaviors are those which are relatively innocuous – sleeping in class, texting in class, not attending class, acting bored or disinterested, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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