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Cultural Diverse Backgrounds 3 - Assignment Example

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My father left us 20 years ago and my mom had to fill in both parents’ roles in my family. My mother’s role models for parenting…
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Cultural Diverse Backgrounds Assignment 3
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Extract of sample "Cultural Diverse Backgrounds 3"

I can say that my mother raised us influenced by seven of the listed factors and not so much by one which is the beliefs about parent’s roles. My father left us 20 years ago and my mom had to fill in both parents’ roles in my family. My mother’s role models for parenting were her parents, still together after so many years. Nevertheless, she did not have any illusions about how a single mother should be. She was readily a father when we needed one. With our financial situation, my mother taught us the value of money and hard-work. She showed us how diligence and responsibility pay off in the end. As a result of working together in our home, my mother had taught my siblings and me the value of family. Until now, we have a close relationship to each other and to our mother.
As I remember, my mother treated my older brother, sister and I similarly and yet differently as well. It was dependent on our varied temperament and behavior. Being the only girl, my sister was shy so my mother was more soft-spoken and more gentle when scolding her. She was harder on my brother and I because we were more stubborn and naughtier than my sister.
My grandparents were from Ireland and had to learn English. This difficulty in culture was one my mother did not want us to deal with. At an early age, she taught us English and yet never failed to remind us of our Irish heritage.
Influence from religious beliefs was strong. My mother is Catholic and so are we. I remember mother teaching us to pray before meals and before we went to sleep. She would take us to church and remind us that God is good and we could ask Him for help but should also thank Him for our graces.
Finally, my mother believed that children learn from their mistakes. So, she let us be hurt growing up. She was there to console us though and explain why we were hurting and how to deal with our problems. She let us solve our own problems but was ready to help if we asked her. Read More
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Cultural Diverse Backgrounds Assignment 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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