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Summarize the plot briefly. Write a brief review highlighting at least these concepts we have learned about so far: how cultural identities are socially constructed, universal…
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Download file to see previous pages The team is up against so many difficulties including lynch mobs of white people, arrest and near riot. Despite all those obstacles, the team finally manages to win a debate against a Harvard team that had a myriad of advantages.
Cultural identities are constructed by human beings as a direct result of the experiences undergone by certain people or groups as well as the beliefs held by a specific group of persons. Through experiences and beliefs, people form attitudes that skew them towards associating with people from one culture or their own culture. Universally, people or groups of people have fears they harbor about certain cultures, hence making it difficult for them to associate. These fears lead to stereotypes which fuel cultural conflicts as people differ over worldviews and national cultures. the key theme here is social Darwinism, where the rich have the thought that they are superior to others.
3. Most of us have experienced privilege in some form (race, gender, age, looks, social class, status, etc.). What is privilege? Give examples describing how someone benefitted from privilege and how another has “lost out” because of someone else’s privilege. You may use personal or observed examples, but do not use hypothetical ones.
According the Merriam Webster online dictionary, privilege is defined as a right or benefit that is given to some people and not to others. People may get privileges based on race, political inclinations as well as employment affiliations. In my own experience, I have seen a white man served first though he was at the rear end of the line while the others get to wait. In another instance, I witnessed a senior government official get away with over speeding without even a ticket due to his position. Finally, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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