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Curriculum - Essay Example

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Such a simple definition appears straight forward enough; however, as has been indicated before by seemingly simple definitions, a world of meaning belies the few words that…
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Extract of sample "Curriculum"

Merriam Webster’s dictionary defines curriculum as, “The s comprising a of study”. Such a simple definition appears straight forward enough; however, as has been indicated before by seemingly simple definitions, a world of meaning belies the few words that comprise them. For instance, when one considers what topics that a student will necessarily be greeted with during the course of their studies, the first matter of discourse instantly shifts to what type of information the student will be presented with. Secondary to the actual instruction of knowledge (i.e. teaching), the information which is used to facilitate such a process is the second most important determinant on the extent and scope to which education will indeed take place.
In this way, designing a curriculum necessarily involves the attention and participation of several key participants. Although it is rarely the determination of the end educator as to the precise means by which he/she will attempt to engage the students and effect the determined end, the educator has no small part in engaging with the other shareholders within this process and voicing his/her concerns/beliefs/desires with reference to seeking to provide a better and more fully nuanced vehicle for the impartation of knowledge to the student (Hinde 2005).
With regards to how this student approaches the issue of curriculum, this can be understood as a function of two distinct responses. Firstly, the curriculum that I am faced within my own institution is something that is outside of my control and something that has been predetermined by shareholders to impart the very best level of education and knowledge onto me the student. In much the same way, it is my eventual intent to seek to have at least some stake in this process as I complete my degree and begin to practice teaching as an educator. In this way, I will then be able to exact a small amount of direction upon the way in which my students will be introduced to certain key elements of learning.
Hinde, E. R. (2005). Revisiting Curriculum Integration: A Fresh Look at an Old Idea. Social Studies, 96(3), 105-111. Read More
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Curriculum Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 2.
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