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Symbolic Frame Response & Reflection - Assignment Example

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Institutions such as schools should have cultures, which aims at integrating the community together. Honoring heroes and heroines…
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Symbolic Frame Response & Reflection
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"Symbolic Frame Response & Reflection"

Download file to see previous pages Ceremonies and rituals within an institution are important. Every school has its own celebrations in its academic calendar. The celebrations and rituals aim at evaluating the progress of the school while at the same time creates accountability to parents and other stakeholders of the school. Rituals and celebrations play a big role in creating culture in the school while at the same time propagating good relationship within the school community
A schools mission and vision statement are symbolic statements to show the schools values and beliefs and provide meaning and direction. Deal and Peterson (2009) discuss how people need a mission and a purpose to connect with the schools goals. To what degree mission and vision statements are employed depend on what meaning they provide to the school. If these statements are a medium that provide that emotional connection for why a school operates, then it will be evident in the culture of the school. Most likely, these statements will be implemented in the daily operations of a school and the staff and students will know what the schools values are. My schools mission and vision statements are reviewed regularly to remind us as a staff what we are doing and why we are doing it
The heroes and heroines within the symbolic frame are all of those that make the organization part of who they are. The take pride in what they do and of the organization they belong to. They are teachers, administrators, custodians, lunch people, students, and parents. They mark the school and others around them in a positive manner. They are seen as a school symbol that reflects the good of the school and all positive change to come.
Most schools have common ceremonies and rituals that take place at different times throughout the year. Some ceremonies and rituals that are common in most schools are: Beginning and end of the school year, various student awards, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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