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The paper “Individualized Education Program” will look at the individualized education program, which can be accomplished financially so it is true according the statement given. The principal has an obligation to ensure the all the students have an equal opportunity…
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Individualized Education Program
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Individualized Education Program The individualized education program can be accomplished financially so it is true according the statement given. The principal has an obligation to ensure the all the students have an equal opportunity as the normal students in the school and to do this he must ensuere that all the teachers and members of the committee can fully satisfy the requirement of texas law and that they have their full support without allowing any discrimination in the school although the program is expensive if they put their resources together and ensure that all the student study in a non restrictive environment them the learning will be easy and also through the aid of the society them anything can be accomplished.
The law requires that if any member of the ARD does not attend a meeting he must put it into writing. There must be an agreement between the parent and the school agreeing that that member should not attend the meeting. These may be done if the expertise of that member is not needed (Bateman, Barbara D, and Mary A. Linden 1998). Another requirement is when a member of the ARD committee does not attend the meeting and his expertise is needed in the meeting he must write a letter to the school and the parent in order for them to review it before the meeting day. The school and the parents are also required to write a letter indicating the same.
The contract should be renewed with conditions because it will enable the dormant member to improve on high work and also to ensure that we don’t lose a member because we had little faith for them and yet if given another opportunity they would have done better than what they did.
Bateman, Barbara D, and Mary A. Linden. Better Ieps: How to Develop Legally Correct and Educationally Useful Programs. Longmont, Colo: Sopris West, 1998. Print. Read More
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