Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies - Research Paper Example

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This research paper takes about positive effects of using correct writing strategies, such as doing Inkshedd, joining in peer feedback, and focusing on using grammar correctly. The paper also focuses on how these writing strategies helped me…
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Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies
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Download file to see previous pages Mistakes are part of learning and should thus be taken positively. The student can assess their mistakes and those of their peers and learn from the experience. However, the learning process occurs when correcting mistakes. The correction process should involve giving positive feedback, which enlightens the learner on the areas that require improvement. There are different types of mistakes that learners of a second language can make. Some errors are serious to an extent that they hamper communication. This happens when the learner is incapable of constructing comprehendible sentences. The main errors that make communication through writing impossible are mainly grammatical errors, which can be corrected. There are varying strategies that can be used by teachers to correct learners. In my leaning inkshedding and peer review turned out to be very helpful and enabled me to learn how to write correctly.
Inkshedding could help students learn a language since it enables them to realize the best strategies to use in writing to communicate their idea to others effectively. In most cases, learners are unaware of their mistakes and require someone else to help them identify and correct their mistakes. On the one hand, inkshedding helps the ESL to communicate with the teacher, and the teacher is able to give valuable comments that enable the students to identify their weaknesses and improve their writing skills. Additionally, inkshedding enables the teacher to motivate the learners without making them feel anxious. After identifying their mistakes, the students are able to correct them even on their own. According to W. Susan, (2001)"Teacher can get an immediate glimpse into what each student thinking, this is more useful than the limited amount of feedback one receive from few students who are just routinely talking." Indeed, whenever I get my inkshed back, I see many valuable comments made by the instructor.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies Research Paper. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/education/1608272-this-essay-will-take-about-positive-effects-of-using-correct-writing-strategies-such-as-doing-inkshedd-joining-in-peer-feedback-focusing-on-grammar-and-how-did-those-writing-strategies-help-me
(Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies Research Paper)
Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/education/1608272-this-essay-will-take-about-positive-effects-of-using-correct-writing-strategies-such-as-doing-inkshedd-joining-in-peer-feedback-focusing-on-grammar-and-how-did-those-writing-strategies-help-me.
“Positive Effects of Using Correct Writing Strategies Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/education/1608272-this-essay-will-take-about-positive-effects-of-using-correct-writing-strategies-such-as-doing-inkshedd-joining-in-peer-feedback-focusing-on-grammar-and-how-did-those-writing-strategies-help-me.
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