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Effects of Social Networking Sites on Society - Essay Example

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The objects of analysis for the purpose of this assignment are social networking sites, websites that allow people to interact and communicate with friends and family by creating public profiles and sharing connections. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ are examples of such sites…
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Effects of Social Networking Sites on Society
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Extract of sample "Effects of Social Networking Sites on Society"

Download file to see previous pages The author of the paper tells that social networking sites to have a positive impact on our societies. Social networking sites enable for sharing of knowledge and information online, allow business to communicate with their customers and act as powerful platforms for advertising and marketing. Social networks are an important tool of communication that allows for sharing of ideas and information. In a research conducted by Trisha Baruah on the effectiveness of social media, the author notes that social networking sites allow the users to share ideas, events, activities, and interests with the networks they have created. In addition, these sites have helped to bridge the communication gaps that were characterized by other forms of communication. In particular, social media helps maintain long distance relationships since content creation and sharing is easy since it is done over the internet. As an example, the power of social media as a communication tool can be seen in the revolutions that took place in the Arab world. As a result of these revolutions, political change was brought to these nations. Opponents of social networks have argued that it creates a false sense of connection, thereby destroying meaningful relationships. In the end, these opponents argue that social networks weaken meaningful relationships and concentrate more on virtual relationships. Contrary to this argument, social networks enhance these relationships by ensuring that friends and families remain in close contact. With tools such as Skype and Tango, it has become easy for people to connect online, and this strengthens relationships in the real world. Secondly, social media is a powerful tool for marketing and advertising. Through the use of these technologies, companies are able to maintain good relationships with their clients and at the same time introduce new products and services to the market. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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