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One of the tenets of this module is the evaluation technique for the teachers. Teaching is an extremely dynamic practice that requires constant…
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Education Summary: Teacher evaluation process in EDUCATE Alabama The Alabama community enacted a variety of teaching strategies to ensure the success of their children in the academic process. One of the tenets of this module is the evaluation technique for the teachers. Teaching is an extremely dynamic practice that requires constant evaluation and recommendations. Evaluation strategies serve as avenues to identify instructional strategies that are measurable. This goes in line with the professional habits and content delivery in the classroom settings. The evaluation strategies came into the EDUCATE Alabama in 2009. The subsequent parts of this paper shall evaluate the pertinent tenets of this strategy systematically.
Teachers emerge from a variety of corners in the school day experience. They are solely accountable to the whole fraternity concerning the content of their evaluations. The evaluation tenets consider a continuum of shared language vision in the technique. The basic standards that are critical in the evaluation process are as follows. The first standard revolves around the content knowledge. This standard demands the teacher to possess an in-depth understanding of the subject matter. They must attempt to eke a correlation between the content and life experiences. The second standard touches on teaching and classroom learning. This focuses on the classroom organization, taking care to provide relevant age appropriations and relevant assessment criteria to the learners. The next phase borders on the literacy acknowledgements in the instruction. The instructor must aim to fulfill both oral and written communication to advance their rote technique. The fourth measures the diversity of the classroom fraternity. The curriculum and teaching resources must be sensitive of the varied cultures and racial affiliations of the learners. The last phase touches on the teacher professionalism akin to the appropriate delivery in the class. This tenet also emphasizes the ethical implications of the teacher.
Lastly, the evaluation process has different connotations. The teacher can perform an administrative driven self-assessment. A dialogue is also relevant, between the teacher and the assessor. Additionally, observation in the class also takes place twice during the school year. It is impromptu and often, the results form the basis of teacher proficiency determination. Evaluation completion results in step raises for the teachers depending on years of service.
Teacher Education Programs in the United States: A Guide. Westport, Conn: Pager, 2004. Print. Read More
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Read Instructions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 5.
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