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Eduction - Essay Example

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Studies have shown that there is minimal effect on the students when the teacher gives them feedbacks, especially when the feedback is given to the class as a whole. There have also been studies where only 45% of the students agree to the feedbacks that their teachers provide…
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Extract of sample "Eduction"

Chapter 7: The Place of Feedback Your Full Discuss the following A teacher is responsible primarily for ensuring that every student makes at least one years progress for one years input than for bringing students up to expected proficiency levels.
Teachers provide the knowledge to the students in classrooms where, as a whole, there are differences in terms of the level of understanding for each student.
2. Feedback is more powerful when it is sought by the teacher about his or her teaching than by the student about his or her learning.
Studies have shown that there is minimal effect on the students when the teacher gives them feedbacks, especially when the feedback is given to the class as a whole. There have also been studies where only 45% of the students agree to the feedbacks that their teachers provide. The feedback from the students will be able to help the teacher assess his/her method of teaching whether they have been effective or not.
3. ‘Errors’ relate as much to gifted as to struggling students and should be seen as opportunities.
Errors indicate that the student did not completely grasp, or probably misunderstood the thought of what is being taught and instead of giving negative feedback to the student, this provides an opportunity for the student to assess himself/herself in terms of what they did not understand, and find a way to correct this mistake.
4. The major reason for administering test in classrooms is for teachers to find out what they taught well or not, who they taught well or not, and where they should focus next. If a test does not lead to a teacher evaluating these claims, it was probably a waste of everybodys time and effort.
5. The teacher’s role in testing is to help students to exceed their expected grade on the test. Read More
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Eduction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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