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A theroretical written paper ( discuss Howard Gardner's intelligence theory. How could the teacher implement the theory to ensure that all pupils needs are addressed - Essay Example

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Through the assistance of Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences, educators recognize and appreciate the learners’ diversity in the styles they use for learning and their learning potentials among other issues. This helps them to appreciate how these learners employ…
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A theroretical written paper ( discuss Howard Gardners intelligence theory. How could the teacher implement the theory to ensure that all pupils needs are addressed
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Extract of sample "A theroretical written paper ( discuss Howard Gardner's intelligence theory. How could the teacher implement the theory to ensure that all pupils needs are addressed"

Download file to see previous pages The hands-on experience is gained as a teacher heightened my interest in the acquisition of language, the development of learning modes and revolution of teaching methodology. Thus stated, this paper purposes to discuss the Gardner’s multiple intelligent theory and explore its applications in the classroom environment as well as out of class in a general bid to assist students acquire effective learning strategies and implement them effectively for the achievement of lifelong learning. Vocational students have been observed to have a lower motivation for learning the language.
This has resulted into them being less prepared and competent in learning the English language. Even though the author observed that some of her students had inherent and different talents in other various fields for example story- telling, singing or painting, these students were considered to be dumb because of their failure in academics.
From the author’s view derived from the teaching experience, she identified a linkage between the basic concepts stipulated in the multiple intelligence theory and the needs of her students’. In addition, these strategies were instrumental in the boosting of the confidence and self-esteem as well as the interest in language learning amongst these students.
In his theory, Gardner stipulated that there exists a minimum of seven basic intelligences. These intelligences are named below as Verbal/Linguistic Intelligence, Musical Intelligence, Visual/Spatial Intelligence, Intrapersonal Intelligence, Logical/Mathematical Intelligence, Interpersonal Intelligence, and lastly Bodily/Kinaesthetic Intelligence.
Gardner came up with an eighth intelligence in the year 1996 and labelled it the naturalist intelligence. In developing this eighth intelligence, in his own words, he stated that “it is not if you are smart, but how you are smart” (Gardner, 1983).
A criterion has been developed by Gardner in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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