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Reading questions - Assignment Example

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The data are random facts about various issues and subjects. Data become important with relation to situations to which they provide some meaning. In research, data are…
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Reading questions
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Extract of sample "Reading questions"

Answer Data and information are two separate entities that are linked to the wider meaning of knowledge acquisition. The data are random facts about various issues and subjects. Data become important with relation to situations to which they provide some meaning. In research, data are major elements that are collected to give validity to some hypothesis or goals. Thus data can be anything like traits or attributes collected through defined questionnaire, audio/video recording etc. that provide access to external environment and help investigate the research objectives. Most importantly, timely data interpretation is crucial as it is not dynamic but static element that may lose its wider meaning if left unattended.
When the random data is streamlined into coherent arrangement or format and adds value to the given issue or subject, it is known as information. Thus, information can be broadly described as a process of rearranging data in some specified way so as to reveal certain critical facts about particular issue or subject. The individual entities within a database constitute vital ingredients of facts or information that helps to make rational choice or facilitate decision making process based on informed choice. In research, the information provided by data helps in interpretation of situation and come to certain conclusion. Hence, data help to construct some meaning to issue and reveal new perspectives or confirm existing knowledge.
Answer 2
Interview is my favorite data collection method. The major factor that makes it attractive is the human interaction that gives data that can generate new theories about the real life situation. More importantly, it is an art in retrieving vital information from the subject or respondent through his said/unsaid words, behavior and emotions. The interpretation of data generated through interview is also attractive for its social construction of meaning in human behavior. It is a complex process where understanding, sensitivity to the feelings and socio-cultural value system and ethical considerations play crucial role in establishing trust and confidence between the researcher and respondent or interviewee. The relationship building becomes essential part of interview schedule as it helps to get the right information and many times, confidential information that is significant to the research outcome.
Another very attractive aspect of interview its format of questions that can not only help to extract vital information without alarming the respondent but tests the critical thinking ability of the interviewer also. On a real life situation, pre-defined questionnaire often needs to be backed by new set of questions which are relevant, succinct and ethically constructed. Moreover, this requires interviewer to be alert at all times and quick to seize the moment of uncertainty as it could reveal unexpected facts that could give new perspective to the issue. As such, interview also serves as learning process for interviewer as well as interviewee as they both can get new perspectives on issue which was not clear earlier. Thus, interview not only tests the abilities of the interviewer but also provides one with huge opportunities to study and understand human behavior under varying conditions. These two reasons make interview my favorite method of data collection.
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Reading Questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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