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Critical Review of the Research of Assistive Technology - Essay Example

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Assistive technology (AT) promotes greater independence through allowing people to perform duties, which they were formerly not capable of accomplishing, or had a great trouble accomplishing. The technology does this by offering enhancements to, or modifying techniques of…
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Critical Review of the Research of Assistive Technology
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"Critical Review of the Research of Assistive Technology"

Download file to see previous pages However, research proves that teachers, as well as school administrations, have not fully addressed this matter. The instruction problem that this paper will address is mathematics, and how students with disabilities relate to it.
Even though in the dark, teaching math to disabled students is undergoing radical change. Fresh developments comprise of mechanisms to classify children who have trouble with math in their early grades and ways of helping these students solve mathematical problems (Becks, 2010). Moving from computational math to a conceptual framework, these mechanisms ensure that disabled students are ready to tackle complex subjects such as algebra and geometry. Even though, not all students with disabilities have mastered every computational element of mathematics, these mechanisms have assisted many in developing their mathematical skills. In fact, teachers, in the future, particularly special education teachers, might need to reorganize their entire approach to teaching math (Gillam, 2011). Teachers, in the future, should place more emphasis on understanding the essential principles of math than just teaching, as well as making the subject open and significant to disabled students.
Some of the key developments, mathematical-wise, are the screening for mathematics and teaching transference with "hot math" (Council for Exceptional Children, 2011). Word problems are an abomination to a lot of students, with and without disabilities. However, when students with disabilities run into these demons, they experience more challenges than normal students. They have trouble reading the problem, or they might just take the numbers and add them up, ignoring what is to be solved (Schlosser, 2008). Researchers have come up with a technique of screening for mathematics in these students as a way of noting which student can do well in mathematics.
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