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Its supplementation begins at the work place. The corporate rules and job responsibility is the ultimate training ground for any form of human improvement, but the biggest learning opportunity comes from people…
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Learning from Mentors
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Adult Learning through Mentoring: A Social Process ment of Analysis: Learning does not end in graduation from an educational Its supplementation begins at the work place. The corporate rules and job responsibility is the ultimate training ground for any form of human improvement, but the biggest learning opportunity comes from people inside the company who have sufficient experience which educated and continues to educate them to achieve competence in preferred fields. This is learning in the corporate setting is now structured as “mentoring”. This mentoring process is contributory to adult learning defined as “the intellectual and moral empowerment of human beings to achieve personal goals that matter, not only for oneself, but for a pluralistic and just future.” (Wlodkowski, 2008)
Articles major components and/or points:
Mentoring is a learning process between a mentor who is usually a senior or someone more experienced in the job, and a mentee who is usually a junior or someone in need of training. Recent studies tackle this process as something that is not limited between just two people. There are three types of which is discussed in a recent study namely one- on- one mentoring, group mentoring and training and encouragement toward mentoring. It is a process which improves members to be more proficient for the organization. (Goodyear, 2006)
As aforementioned, mentoring has long been known as a one- on- one process between to people but it no longer stands only as such. A recent breakthrough by Kathleen Kram conceptualized “development network” in mentoring. In this process mentees can seek guidance not only from one specific mentor, but from a number of mentors. It also allows a mutual learning process for both mentor and mentee, in such a way that even seniors (mentors) can consult mentees (juniors) on topics and areas that they need to gain more knowledge from. In addition to this, learning is not limited in knowledge and skills training for work but also role modeling and psychosocial support. This “development network” is indeed a social adult learning venue in nurturance to individuals in the company. (Goodyear, 2006)
Mentoring has become more positively susceptible to adult learning because of the recent advancements in its structure. It has become a continuous absorption of knowledge, skills and values in a setting conducive for the social health of any company’s work force.
The new structure also debunks problems that were observed in the past such as complications with mentor responsibilities over assigned mentee. Focus on mentor to mentee and mutual learning is especially helpful since it highlights strengths of others to supplement needs of others.
Mentoring has become a social process bringing adult learning to an actual, practical application to individuals in the corporate setting.
Premise of the article in relation to the author’s point of view
The premise of the article tells that the best venue for adult learning is in a corporate setting now structured in a social process called “mentoring”, which has become more mentee – focused than mentor focused, with strengths and weaknesses of members complementing each member, and with a more diverse opportunity for a mutual needs- based learning process healthy for company members’ working environment and relationship. The author clearly sees mentoring as a major shift in adult learning for members since professional levels are somehow disregarded in the learning process, giving both junior and senior members a chance to identify needs for development and learn from a diversified mentor pool.
Wlodkowski tackles adult learning as “intellectual and moral empowerment of human beings to achieve personal goals that matter, not only for oneself, but for a pluralistic and just future”. The intellectual and moral empowerment is highly developed in the mentoring style introduced in Goodyear’s article. Wlodkowski also talks about adult learning first as a professional development workshop which is a criterion and one of the goals to be achieved in mentoring. The structure of a professional learning experience is also discussed by Wlodkowski, a description that fits the presented mentoring process in Goodyear’s article.
Goodyear, M. (2006). Mentoring: A Learning Collaboration. Educause Quarterly (4), (51-53).
Ginsberg, M. & Wlodkowski, R. (2009). Professional Learning to Promote Motivation and Academic Performance among Diverse Adults. CAEL Forum and News. (23-32). Read More
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