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Web 2.0: Implications of Global Education - Essay Example

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The paper "Web 2.0: Implications of Global Education" explains that Web 2.0 is not a physical thing, but an idea, or a framework of websites and associated software that allows individuals to communicate in a forum that’s getting cheaper and easier to use by the day…
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Web 2.0: Implications of Global Education
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"Web 2.0: Implications of Global Education"

Download file to see previous pages Bookmarking sites like and Furl allow users to identify websites that are relevant to a particular interest, making the search for specific kinds of information much easier. Blogs are a great tool for communication and education, giving the people the ability to share knowledge, information, and ideas over the web to any number of online subscribers. Podcasts are audio or video files available for download that can cover a wide range of educational topics, and can easily be watched or listened to multiple times, allowing users time to absorb material. Media sharing sites like YouTube also became popular, with user-generated content being posted online for all to see and comment on. Users can create or view educational video or audio files on demand. There is a larger potential for education in media sharing sites, and that potential is being realized by teachers the world over. Teacher and professors are utilizing media sharing sites in assignments that require a student to study audio or visual content online, and then write about it for class. The writing could be on an online discussion board, where they can engage other members of the class on the subject (Sherer & Shea, 2011). Students can also be tasked with finding relevant videos online, and writing their thoughts on it in a blog. They could also create a video as part of a course requirement, utilizing their computer and data collection skills, compiling visual and audio into a coherent package, this contributing to the body of online knowledge. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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