The Influence of Active Learning on the College Student Departure Process - Article Example

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The writer of this paper states that approximately half of the students who attend two-year colleges and almost one-third of those who attend four-year colleges drop out after the first year of study. Tinto’s interactionalist theory of college student departure has been assessed by scholarly writers…
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The Influence of Active Learning on the College Student Departure Process
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The results of the study showed some correlation between active learning and the student departure process. One encouraging sign was that social integration plays an important role in active learning, and thus the two should be linked.

Choose Public-College Presidents in the Sunshine, but Know When to Draw the Shades
Last week a new president was chosen for the University of Tennessee after much deliberation. The controversy revolved around the final interviews being made available on the Internet. Some people view this open process as unnecessary and in fact harmful to the reputation of the university. The authors of this article investigated numerous states’ sunshine laws, where information must be made public in state-sponsored institutions. What was discovered was that there is much confusion around how these laws should be applied and in what circumstances. The recommendation given was that common ground should be found that permits some information to be made public yet allows privacy on certain occasions. Also, the timing of the release of sensitive information should be done in a slow manner. Thirdly, there must be some closed-door meetings that do not require information to be disseminated. Trustees should be informed of important decisions before the information is made available to the public. Sunshine will continue to thrive, but the way in which they are used must be looked at. Read More
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The Influence of Active Learning on the College Student Departure Proc Article - 1.
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